Provide and develop the best solutions in engineering, technology and energy, with a focus on human evolution.


To be a company that will generate positive impacts on society on a global scale, through its services, processes and solutions.


Evolution, Innovation, Humanization and Ethics.


We are a business group in the electrical sector, which dreams and acts big, formed by companies that share the same purpose: Contributing to human evolution through constant innovations in the areas of engineering, technology and energy.

Providing the best services and solutions that contribute to the daily development of our employees and customers.


We believe that our differential is our way of thinking, acting, innovating and relating in a humanized way. Being evolutionary and being part of the evolution of humanity through the five pillars: knowledge, awareness, leadership, innovation and technology. 


Kauss arises from the union of people who make a difference and whose purpose in life is restlessness and the will to evolve. Created from the union of companies, it began in the business of leasing and maintenance of power generators Through the company Gran Loc Locação e Importação, in which it has more than 30 years of experience.

In recent years, they have stood out in the electrical engineering sectors, through the companies Vision tech and Vision Power, developing various projects and services, in order to bring the best and most efficient practices to their customers.

All the experiences acquired over the years, made the company create a culture of evolution in all its employees, allowing it to grow and expand, and in 2019 the Kauss group acquired the company American Lighting & Electrical Services, located in the state of Florida in the United States, starting the process of becoming a multinational business group.

Based on this growth, a complete format was created and winning models and processes were developed, which took the company to a new level, creating a promising future in the constant search for the ideals of evolution, based on the development of its businesses.

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